Our Story

I won my battle twenty years ago against stage 1V cervical cancer. While my positive attitude and curious mind are still who I am, my physical body took a few years to heal, and I now have a 'new normal'. Despite all the physical challenges, I had to then deal with the dating scene...wondering silently how I would actually tell someone, "Intercourse wasn't ever going to happen"! I still wanted to hug, kiss, and hold hands with someone special but, I kept myself busy and lived in denial with my untold secret instead. Friends and family would question why I wasn't dating, I was running out of excuses, I then began to wonder who else was living in this same quiet solitude.

Wow, was I surprised! The percentages of men and women of every age were stunning. I was most amazed that dilemmas concerning intercourse wasn't just about middle age adults and up, the fact is there's a lot of 20-30 year olds in this special class of individuals.

RomanceOnly came to fruition! It's great to be able to share my story, ditch the secret, and help others to move forward in finding someone special, someone who completely understands these circumstances without explanation or rejection (which is what we assume will happen). Yay, I solved that uncomfortable last five minutes of a date...no intercourse, no problem, whew! Problem solved.