Success Stories

RomanceOnly would like to encourage you to write in with nice success stories like some of the ones that others have submitted below....your names can be changed if you'd like to remain anonymous.

After one and one-half years of driving 150 miles one way and three hours the other every weekend, Sheila and I decided we wanted to move closer to one another as we just love being together. Our unique intimate relationship is beyond anything either of us thought possible. After meeting on RomanceOnly we are so grateful and thankful to the creator, Laura, as we both really thought we’d be alone forever, and instead we’ve decided to be together forever! We are so delighted and feel very fortunate. Thank you!


- Matt *****

I just thought I’d write to you Laura as I’ve been patiently waiting on your website for three years... occasionally checking my messages to see if anyone was interested in my profile. At first I didn’t have a picture of myself, as I was embarrassed and of course shy in putting myself out there. I finally did with encouragement and I did get a lot more responses. There weren’t a lot of profiles to choose from at first, but I understood that it would take time to accumulate people as this isn’t the USUAL type dating site. I can see the growth and know that in time there will be a lot more people joining RomanceOnly, this is something most people don’t talk about, I know I didn’t and still don’t! But being on your dating site I don’t need to! Anyway, I wanted to let you know that I’m now dating someone that I’m really enjoying and I’m so thankful that you thought of the idea and put yourself out there for all of us!

- Ashley *****

Please tell us how RomanceOnly has changed your life, especially if you have found that someone special! We would love to anonymously share your story and have you become another ambassador for RomanceOnly. It would really help us get the word out especially if you end up married! 

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