Our Team


Laura Brashier, CEO & Founder

Having found the 'reason why' I lived through my cancer dilemma has been really awesome, in the fact that I have found there are so many reasons why so many people live in silence ALONE and don't date because of a social stigma with intercourse! It's not cool, it's not talked about, nobody can tell by looking at you! And...everyone thinks everyone is 'doing it'! HUH! I'm here to tell you that is not the case! There are hundreds of reasons why, and I'm going to get out there and spread the word so that the millions of people that share this commonality for whatever reason feels that there's a place they can go to chat and date with other people with like conditions at RomanceOnly

Kevin Bell

I've known Laura for 40 years now as a family friend. I decided to support her in this endeavor and have grown to believe that this an untapped matter for a lot of people out there that need help to find companionship, love and a renewed sense of life after things that happen...in life!

Anita Thuna

After many months of searching for someone to edit the photos for 2date4love.com, I was finally introduced to Ms. Anita Thuna, what a good fortune she has been! I’m happy to write on her behalf just how grateful I am to have such a capable, dependable, and meticulous woman join our team. Anita has 40+ years of experience doing photography for any event you can imagine. She takes pride in her work and has a funny sense of playful humor! Anita has many sterling qualities, you can visit her web page at anitathuna.com to see all her excellence.