The Dance of Intimacy

Laura B •

Connecting without Intercourse

Each day, sex bombards us from all angles. From the magazines we grab at the check-out counter to the music streaming from our radios, it's now 2017 and sexual implications are everywhere! Having intercourse restrictions can be a very isolating feeling something that can keep one segregated, something nobody talks about...loneliness. We learn that real love and true companionship don't come in the form of sexy lingerie and massage oils. Instead, true intimacy comes from a deeper connection and a more meaningful mental and physical state of being—yes, true intimacy comes from something more than just sexual intercourse. Holding hands can seem so great when one isn't use to having human skin to skin contact!

Sex vs. Intimacy

To most, the term "sex" automatically equals intercourse; all sexual behaviors prior to the main event, for instance kissing, soft touching, quiet sensual chatter in your ear, is all a part of sexual pleasure. Sex and sexuality are merely innate natural reactions, my body likes your body, and they are not in any way related to intimacy. Intimacy is much more than intercourse. Intimacy involves two people who care and are connected to another, by sharing their thoughts, talking, touching and spending their time together. The highest quality of intimacy happens when two people with a strong sense of self find the right balance of togetherness and separateness, basically they are interdependent! Their journey together is fulfilling, their focus isn't on intercourse limitations but what's in their mind and other pleasures of touching and sharing the celebration of life together!