Is a Fraudster Messaging You?

Laura B •

Tips to Avoid Dating Scammers

RomanceOnly is committed to protecting your privacy. Unfortunately, scammers, or unetheical people can negatively affect any website. We advise you to be cautious about who you connect and share personal information with. Please review the following tips to help you avoid scammers on our site.

  • Avoid connecting with members who immediately ask you to email their personal email accounts as opposed to messaging through the site
  • Do not reply to messages or emails regarding a lottery or sweepstakes winning, a loan, money transfer or inheritance
  • Be cautious of members who are overtly complementary, act as if they are already on an intimate level with you, or seemingly tell you what you want to hear
  • Do not accept checks from anyone or agree to deposit checks
  • Do not agree to loan another member money
  • Take the following steps if you’ve already given personal information out to someone you think could be a potential scammer (including your full name, address, bank account information, credit card information, etc.):
    • Block & report the user here on RomanceOnly - Don't know how? Check out our FAQ page by clicking here
    • Contact your bank and stop any payments
    • Contact your credit card company if there are fraudulent charges
    • File a police report

Please partner with us to help prevent scammers from affecting the user experience on If you believe any members are being unethical or inappropriate, please contact